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Reviewer Worksheets

For your convenience, 123helpme company experts have created instructions for you on how to properly download and use the reviewer tab. 

Reviewer Worksheets

  1.  At the top of the reviewer worksheet lists the title, abstract, and has a link to the submitted paper.  Click the “Download Proposal” link the download or view the paper
  2. The First part of the review has 4 weighted questions 1 being the minimum and 5 being the highest.
  3. The the bottom portion of the reviewer worksheet comprises of Comment fields.  There is no limitation to how many characters can be typed in each. Comments to the Association are  visible to Track Chairs and System Administrators, but no the authors. Authors use the comments from the Author field to prepare the Full Paper for the 2014 Annual Meeting Proceedings.
  4. Fill out the appropriate comments fields and check if your believe the paper should be accepted or rejected.  To complete the review, be sure the “Submit Completed Review” is checked and click on “Accept and Continue.”
  5. Once All Reviews are complete your submissions  will show a status of “Complete”
  6. The Reviewers listed in your reviewer pool will have a status of “Complete” when their reviews are done. In the below chart, the “2” under the “A” column and in the “Current” row show the the user has completed 2 reviews in your track

Note*  Reviewers will have a “Pending” status when assigned but have not completed their reviews.

Now it is time to Accept or Reject your Full Papers.