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Submission FAQ

What to Do, What Not to Do When Submitting to the 2014 DSI Annual Meeting

DO NOT use the back or forward button for your browser (typically an arrow icon) to navigate going back a page or go forward to the next page within the CMS submission wizard. If you need more research you should visit the academic writing services web. If you use the back or forward button for your browser, you will lose all your submission information and will be forced to start the submission process over again. To navigate backward while in the submission wizard, click on the “Submission Menu” or “Main Menu” link in the Header Menu. To navigate forward while in the submission wizard, click “Accept and Continue”.
DO NOT create a duplicate or new account in the CMS with another email address If you had submitted to the 2012 DSI Annual Meeting or the 2013 DSI Annual Meeting, you already have an account in the CMS. Creating a new or duplicate account may cause your submission to the 2014 DSI Annual Meeting to not be scheduled for presentation or pair your submission to the 2014 DSI Annual Meeting with the wrong affiliation information. If you are not sure, need help logging in, need to update your account information, please email Stephen Ostrom at .
DO NOT upload a Full Paper that includes a title page with author information The CMS is designed to handle double-blind reviews of Full Paper submissions. If the Full Paper that you upload to the CMS includes author and co-author information, the double-blind review process will be compromised. Once your Full Paper is accepted for presentation at the 2014 DSI Annual Meeting, you will have a chance to upload a revised document with all author information included.
DO REMEMBER to upload a PDF document of your Full Paper during the submission process The upload triggers the system to give your submission an “All Academic Code” which is used to place your system in the proper track. Without this code your submission may be omitted from being listed in the conference program or in the conference proceedings.
DO FOLLOW correct capitalization for how to title your submission The “Title” field in the CMS is used for ensuring that the conference program is printed properly. Abnormal capitalization (e.g., tHE eFFECTS of . . .) will cause your submission to be rejected, to not be printed in the conference program, or to not be scheduled for presentation. Correct capitalization of the title in the CMS is the capitalize the first letter of each word . . . DO NOT USE ALL CAPS and DO NOT USE all lower case!
DO ENSURE that your submission is grammatically correct What you upload will be used in the conference program and in all relevant publicly-available information displays. Submissions that are incomprehensible or with egregious grammatical mistakes reflect negatively on you and on the Decision Sciences Institute. Submissions with egregious grammatical mistakes (e.g., numerous incorrect spellings, many incorrect subject-verb pairings, etc.) will be rejected; submissions that are incomprehensible will be rejected. The 2014 DSI Annual Meeting Program team is not and will not be responsible for quality assurance of your submission; that is your responsibility.
DO REMEMBER to include information about co-authors when asked by the CMS When submitting a Full Paper or an Abstract, be sure to include information about all co-authors, including FIRST NAME, LAST NAME, EMAIL, and AFFILIATION. We need this information to minimize scheduling conflicts. If your co-author will not be a presenter, please be sure to designate him or her as a Non-Presenter.

For specific instructions about submitting Full Papers, Abstracts, Panel Proposals, or Workshop Proposals, please click one of the links below:

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