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Assigning Reviewers to Submissions

Assigning Reviewers to Submissions

First Task – Assign yourself as a reviewer. Full papers require at least 1 reviewer.  Adding your account as a reviewer will ensure that each paper receives one review, should you have difficulty wrangling in your volunteer reviewers. If you have any questions about reviewers, our SpecialEssays.com experts from https://specialessays.com/ will help you find answers to all your questions.

  1. Log into the conference management system click on the “Submission Management” button

2.       To add yourself as a reviewer, go to  the People Tab and type in the your last name in the appropriate search field.

After the search results appear below…

3.       Click Assign Reviewer

Once you click Assign Reviewer the link will go black indicating that your user account has been added to the Reviewer Pool.

Second Task – Add Volunteers to your Reviewer Pool. Users can volunteer to be Reviewers or Session chair per a given track. Below are instructions for adding these volunteers to your pool.

4.       Go to Volunteer Tab Add your track volunteers into your reviewer pool. 

Users can volunteer in numerous other tracks and can specify whether they want to volunteer as a session chair, or a Reviewer.  The chart to the right of the Volunteers name lists whether the user volunteered as a session chair, or a peer reviewer.  By default the chart is set to look at Session Chairs.

The V column- shows the volunteer status. Because “Session Chair” is the title of the chart, this user volunteered as a Session chair in the current track. The “2” in the “All” row indicates the user volunteered as a Session Chair in a total of 2 tracks.

  1. Click the right arrow at the top of the chart and all the charts on the page will change to “Reviewer” in the title.  In the example below, because of the “1” in the “Current” row you know the user volunteered as a Reviewer in the current track.  The “5” in the “All Column indicates the user volunteered as a reviewer in a total of 5 separate tracks.  

5.Check the reviewer chart to see if the user volunteered as a Session Chair or as a Reviewer.  If the user’s chart has the number 1 under the “V” column and on the “Current” row, you can add them to your reviewer pool.


6.   Click “Add Reviewer” to add the user into your reviewer pool.  The link will turn black to indicate you have done so.

Third Task – Assigning Reviewers to your submissions. After you have added all your Voluteers and others as reviewers, it’s time to assign papers for them to review.

6.            Click on the “Individual Submissions” tab to begin assigning “Full Papers” to your Reviewers.

7.       Submissions are going to be labeled as “Abstracts” or “Full Papers.”  If the submission was submitted as a “Full Paper” then click on the “Assign Reviewers”  

8.       The next page will list your reviewer pool. Scroll to your desired reviewer for the submission and click the “Assign Reviewer” link…

Fourth Task – Notify your reviewers.  After you have assigned all your reviewers to papers, it’s time to notify them.  Go back to the Submission Management menu. Click  on “Bulk Email”

  1. Select “Reviewers
  2. Select Assigned
  3. From the drop down menu select the “Revewer Notification” email template.
  4. Send to Remaining Recipeints always select “Yes.” This will ensure the your recipients get the email only once. Check all Recipients.
  5. By default you (The Track Chair) will be in the reply to address. Besure the include a subject, and add your signature to the bottom of the letter template. Click “Preview” when finished.
  6. On the next page review the emails then at the bottom of the page click “Send” to begin notify your reviewers.

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