RosackerEmerging Issues in Business & Management Education.  Our pedagogical and management staff, together with writers from elite writing company on web and considered this track explores the intersection of developing managerial techniques and their implementation within the collegiate classrooms.  It has two distinct prongs: (1) the identification of new and evolving methods in contemporary business environments that will be important to future graduates and (2) important issues that surround the successful rendering of such topics into the collegiate classroom.  The track welcomes descriptive, theoretical and empirical submissions that serve to identify, describe, debate, or access any contemporary or evolving topic that is currently or will in the future impact the portfolio of pedagogical topics that will face those teaching management education into the future. 

 Possible topics include:

  • Progress in technology enhanced education
  • Contemporary issues related to transnational business education
  • Current trends in business education research
  • Developing and enhancing relationships among businesses, faculty and students
  • Executive education programs
  • Evolving careers of business faculty
  • Innovations in online education
  • Techniques for developing lifelong learners