Anjana_SusarlaInformation Systems Strategy & Design: This track is devoted to exploring topics at the intersection of Information Technology (IT), Information Systems (IT) and competitive strategy that are increasingly relevant in a digitized world. We welcome presentations that synthesize conceptual frameworks integrating IS, economics and business concepts to establish the role and value of IT in realizing business value, IT-enabled value chain transformation, the role of IT in altering industry structure and ushering in disruptive innovations.

Possible topics include:

  • The digitization of processes, products, and services
  • Online market places and IT-enabled disintermediation that transforms industry
  • Models of customer co-creation and co-innovation models enabled by IT
  • IT business strategy and performance
  • IT-enabled new product development
  • IT-enabled value chain innovations
  • Best practices and strategies to leverage IT-enabled business value
  • Intra- and inter-firm collaboration and IS strategy
  • IT-enabled entrepreneurship
  • Managing IT resources in the pursuit of competitive strategy
  • The dynamics of digital innovation