Peng150DixonM_photo2Services Design & Delivery: The Service Design & Delivery track encourages submissions across two broad themes: (1) technology’s influences on the design and delivery of services and (2) the design and delivery of global services.

Regarding the first theme . . . Technology has always been an important part of service management. However, the explosion in data collection and analysis across industries in the past decade has led to many important research questions across industries and across academic fields. In addition, the past few years has seen an influx in technology-enabled applications (e.g., smart phones, tablets, self-service kiosks) designed to serve customers in both e-settings and traditional settings. “Technology” broadly considered in services, includes how service interactions are performed, captured, analyzed, and designed using some form of technology. Possible topics for which submissions are welcome include:

  • Technology’s influence on service design
  • Use of Big Data/Data Analytics/Data Science in service design and delivery
  • E-services design and delivery
  • Information intensive service innovation
  • Technology-enabled customization and innovations in services
  • Technology-enabled co-production
  • Technology in experiential services
  • Technology’s influence on behavioral-science-based service innovations
  • Ethical concerns of data capture and analysis in services

Regarding the second theme . . . Globalization is increasingly becoming the norm in many service industries. Today, off-shoring have expanded from back-office services to specialized and information-intensive services such as healthcare, marketing, and R&D. Continuing advances in information and communication technology (ICT) are fueling the growing trend of service globalization and integration. As such, there is an increasing need to explore emerging research issues in global service operations management. Possible topics for which submissions are welcome include:

  • Emerging trends in global service operations
  • International Comparison of service operations
  • Service supply chain design and management
  • Service outsourcing, service acquisition, and service contracting
  • Global service innovation
  • Environmental and ethical issues in global services