Emerging Technologies:  In this track, we examine the latest technological developments that affect decision sciences, including the unprecedented impact of big data, the growing number and scope of social media influences, the organizational challenges addressing the latest security threats and the design of solutions that address these threats, the impact of digital currency, the proliferation and impact of the cloud, and other cutting edge technological topics. Full paper, abstract, and panel presentations are welcome that discuss the design, both current and proposed, of emergent technologies, how these emergent technologies change decision making within an organization, the challenges of such new emergent technologies to existing management structures, and how the decision-making process is affected when using these emergent technologies. Presentations can address individual decisions, organizational management and operations, and can scale up to the effect on economies and societies.

Possible topics include:

  • Big Data – The Design and Impact of Big Data Tools and Analysis
  • Networking – The Design and Impact of Metropolitan-Area Networks (MANs) and Other New Network Developments
  • Cloud – The Design and Impact of New Cloud Developments
  • Security – The Design and Impact of New Threats and New Defenses
  • Software Development – The Design and Impact of New Software, and New Methodologies to develop software, including managerial changes to organizations related to new software
  • Digital Currency – The Design and Impact of Digital Currency on Operations, Industries, and the Economy
  • The Design and Impact of Visual Computing
  • Social Media – The Design and Impact of Social Media, Especially Its Effect on Management, Marketing, and Purchase Decisions
  • The Impact of Internet, Entertainment, News, and VOIP Developments, Including the Merging of Technologies, Bandwidth Rationing and Resources, etc.
  • The Design and Impact Tools Developed to Handle Health Care Information
  • The Management, Impact, and Use of Software Patents