shandley_150x150Lean, Quality, & Six Sigma: Undoubtedly, continuous process improvement programs have extended beyond the factory floor to include a wide range of business processes in both manufacturing and service organizations. Given the unprecedented reach of programs like Lean, Quality, and Six Sigma, research on management practices, contexts, and technologies that impact their success has never been more critical. We invite submissions which advance our knowledge on these issues.

Possible topics include:

  • Applying Lean, Quality, and/or Six Sigma in professional services
  • Lean/Six Sigma as an aid or hindrance to innovation efforts
  • Social, technical, or environmental contexts in which Lean/Six Sigma are less effective
  • Challenges and best practices in implementing Lean/Six Sigma programs
  • Lean, Quality, and/or Six Sigma in non-profit organizations
  • Managing Lean, Quality, and/or Six Sigma initiatives across firm boundaries
  • The role of technology/big data in operational excellence programs
  • Behavioral issues with Lean/Six Sigma